Ladies’ Ski Trips

For the past 8 years, two girlfriends (Adrienne Schaefer & Kat Hickman) & I have done an annual ladies’ ski trip.

There have been many variations on this theme–sometimes we go big, sometimes small. Sometimes other ladies join us, occasionally even an honorary guy or two. Once in a while we miss a year. But no matter the specifics, these trips have been among my favorite adventures.

When we started, I hardly knew how to ski. We’ve since stepped up our objectives and our ski lines, but skiing is only part of the story.

Sharing time & space in the mountains offers such a strong sense of connection–shivering in a cramped tent, laughing over a steamy pot of mush, making joint decisions about route & terrain. And there’s something especially rewarding about doing it with other women.

We often end up crashing through thick brush with skis on our backs, a requisite for most through-trips in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

We trust each other to stay safe. We are drawn to routes that test our endurance. Sometimes we suffer. But we always have fun.

Photos courtesy of Kat Hickman and Adrienne Schaefer.

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